2nd International Conference on Advanced Electrical Equipment and Reliable Operation

Paper Submission

The IAEERO Organizing Committee welcomes contributions in the following areas of Advanced Electrical Equipment and Reliable Operation.

Contributions can range from research concepts and ideas to technical issues and industrial applications, and are encouraged from, but not limited to, the themes and topics in the following areas:

Components, Circuits, Devices & Systems

Development, design, manufacture of power equipment: including GIL, GlS, transformer, breaker, cable, motor, HVDC, HVAC, etc.

Power grid environmentalprotection technology: SF6-free GIL/GIS, vegetable oil-based transformer, acoustic environmental impact prediction and noise control, electromagnetic environment and protection, etc.

Electrical equipment protection technology: electromagnetic transient, lightning protection, over-voltage protection, grounding, EMC, etc.

Smart sensors and sensing technology: real-time acquisition of sound-light-heat-electricity, inner-sensing method, etc.

Emerging key technology: electricpower router, wireless power transmission, power semiconductor devices, powerelectronics, super conductivity lines, energy storage battery, energy hub, electrical vehicles, etc.

Engineered Materials, Dielectrics & Discharge Phenomenon

Dielectric phenomenon: conduction, polarization, breakdown and space charge.

Performance, composition and structure of insulating materials: including nanocomposite, ecofriendly dielectrics and biodielectrics.

Electrical insulation techniques under extreme conditions: high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, electrical insulation in space.

Others: including treeing, ageing, life assessment, modelling and simulations, measurement techniques.

Power, Energy & Industry Applications

Intelligent dispatch ofpower system: safe, reliable and economic installations analysis of power systems, renewable energy, global energy interconnection

AC/DC system for clean energy and energy storage: including offshore wind farm, solar power plant,nuclear power plant

Energy management: Integrations of multi-energy systems and renewable energy, power-electronic dominated power systems, energy storage, demand response, blackout prevention and self-healing control etc.

Signal Processing & Analysis

Enabling techniques on information, computation and communication: edge computing, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.

Image processing: detection and estimation, image and multi-dimensional signal processing, image processing, time-frequency analysis

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North China Electric Power University (NCEPU)Co-organizers:Shandong University (SDU)State Key Laboratory of Advanced Power Transmission TechnologyUniversity Alliance of Global Energy Interconnection (UAGEI)State Grid Pinggao Group Co., LTD.Tai Kai Group Co., LTD.